• ICPC Cyprus
    Under the auspices of the Cyprus Minister Of Education and Culture

    May 13th 2017

    Congratulations to The Winners!

    • winner3
      Top TeamPython
      Pieris Tsokkis, George Louka, Andreas Hadjittofi
      University of Central Lancashire
      Gavriel Papacharalambous
    • winner2
      Top TeamJava
      Constantinos Diomedous, Marios Eftychiou, Christos Makridis
      University of Cyprus
      Georgia Kapitsaki
    • winner1
      Top TeamOverall
      Andronikos Charalambous, Rafael Loizou, Adamos Ttofari
      University of Cyprus
      Pyrros Bratskas
  • What is ICPC?
    It is time to find the best programmers in Cyprus at university level! Choose your favourite language and register your team!
    The ICPC-Cyprus 2017 is a national programming competition that gives students a chance to interact with students from other universities on the island, to demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills. The best teams will win instant prizes AND qualify for the ACM Regional and International Programming Competitions!
  • Co-located Training !!!
    A Python programming practical tutorial will be co-located with the competition. This is appropriate for any programmer who would like to be introduced to Python features especially in the area of file manipulation, GUI implementation and Network programming. Register online now!

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The ICPC-Cyprus Programming Competition adopts the mission of the ACM ICPC, i.e. the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, to provide college students with opportunities to interact with students from other universities and to sharpen and demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills.  The contest provides a platform for ACM, industry, and academia to encourage and focus public attention on the next generation of computing professionals as they pursue excellence.

Why Participate

The winning team will participate in the ICPC Regional Competition, which leads to the ACM ICPC International Competition. Cyprus falls under the South Eastern Europe Regional Competition (SEERC), and the organizing committee of the ICPC-Cyprus is collaborating with SEERC Organizers to ensure an exciting event for all participants. In addition to the Regional Qualification, winning teams will also become the recipients of several prizes.


The language of the Contest is English. All written contest materials will be in English.

Technical Details

During the Online Registration, each team’s coach must select one programming language for the team out of the list of languages allowed each year. In the 2017 competition (13th May 2017, UCLan Cyprus), the programming languages of the ICPC-Cyprus are: Java, Python and C++. Once registered each team will receive a more detailed description of the programming environment they will be using, based on their programming language selection. Furthermore, given their selected programming language, each team will be placed in a lab where the appropriate setup is available and judges from across Cyprus will be observing their attempts to complete their programming solutions. The list of judges will be publicized on this website after the competition.


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Competition Rules

Team Composition

A representative of the higher education institution, typically a faculty member, must serve as the team coach. The coach certifies the eligibility of contestants and serves as the official point-of-contact with the team prior to and during contest activities. A team may only have one coach and the coach cannot also be a contestant. The coach must fully register his/her teams in the ICPC-Cyprus Registration System within the time set by the competition rules which, for the 2017 contest, is no later than May 10th 2013 [given that there are still seats available]. A team is not eligible to compete in the regional contest until the General Chair of the contest has accepted the team. The team coach will be notified in that case. A team can have a reserve player, who can substitute a contestant in case of emergency but the reserve player must also be registered by the coach. The reserve player does not have to be on site on the day of the competition. Finally, each team consists of three contestants who are eligible to compete according to the rules described above.


Through a successful participation in the ICPC-Cyprus Programming Competition, teams qualify to advance to the South Eastern Europe Regional Contest. Any number of teams from a given higher education (HE) institution can participate as long as all the team members are students of the same HE institution [Student cards (with study dates) must be presented on the day of the competition – if your student card does not show the study dates please have available a recent school transcript]. The higher education institutions that can participate must be located in Cyprus.  Student teams can register to the competition for FREE.

A team must be made up of 3 members and it will compete on 1 programming machine (which WILL BE provided by the organizers). The team should also have a registered coach. The coach of a qualifying team is the point-of-contact prior to and during the ICPC-Cyprus Programming Competition activities. A contestant of a team may NOT serve as the coach.  The coach must provide additional information during registration.  Qualifying teams will be issued an invitation by email and postal mail (if requested) soon after completing certification. See section on Team Composition .

Teams failing to comply with any of these requirements will be ruled ineligible to compete in the ICPC-Cyprus Programming Competition. In the event that a team member is unwilling, unable, or unfit to compete in the competition, the coach must notify the General Chair of the competition in a timely manner.

The on-site registration must be preceded by the online registration (one registration per team by the team coach). The online registration is available <here>. At on-site registration (May 13th at UCLan Cyprus), participants must provide picture ID and proof of studies (e.g. a student card with a recent picture and study dates would be sufficient). Note that contestants must show proof of enrolment at the university during the term of the contest, so if the student card does not provide study dates, then a recent transcript or a letter from the university should be provided.


  • Python Training for beginners
    The participant in this training is expected to have a programming experience in general, but no experience specifically in Python. The 2-hour training will provide a practical introduction to: (i) String & File Management, and, (ii) Graphical User Interfaces.
    Python, Beginners


Registration Page

Register for competitionFollow steps below and become a participant!
Login with ACM
Login or register if you do not have an account

Register your team
Complete ONE registration per team, giving a name for the team and the names of the team members.

Contact Us
For registration issues contact the Contest Director for ACM, Dr Josephina Antoniou

Register for training sessionsFill in the form below to register for the training courses.

Competition Agenda

Python Workshop for Beginners
Registration/coffee break
Programming Competition

Organising Committee

  • Dr. Josephina Antoniou
    UCLan, Cyprus
    Cyprus Collegiate Programming Contest Director for ACM
    For more information or queries about the event, you can contact at jantoniou@uclan.ac.uk

  • Dr. Klitos Christodoulou
    Neapolis University in Cyprus
    Competition Judge
  • Dr. Vicky Papadopoulou-Lesta
    European University Cyprus
    Organizing Committee Member for ACM-ICPC Cyprus
  • Dr. Panayiotis S. Charalambous
    The Cyprus Institute
    Competition Judge
  • Ms. Maria Christofi
    GET Lab, Cyprus University of Technology
    Competition Judge
  • Dr. Stavros Stavrou
    Open University of Cyprus
    Organising Committee Member for ACM-ICPC Cyprus
  • Dr. Marios Raspopoulos
    UCLan Cyprus
    Competition Judge
  • Dr. Nearchos Paspallis
    UCLan Cyprus
    Competition Judge
  • Dr Despina Grigoriou (Michael)
    Cyprus University of Technology
    Organising Committee Member for ACM ICPC-Cyprus